UPDATE 20200421: All events for 2019 and 2020 has been postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19. More information here.

UPDATE 20190905: Please see announcement here about moving to 2020.

There will be a new pages for 2021 events coming in the near future.
These pages will remained archived.
Click here to get more information about 2020 events.

The events of 2019 was postponed due to family health issues that took my attention away from hosting this film festival during 2019. We were planning an early summer event with the accepted films in 2020. Now due to COVID-19, we will postpone all events until 2021. At this time, this health crisis does not have a due date, so we are not going to send out information about dates until this crisis is no longer a threat.

In order ensure everyone’s safety, we do not want to hold events until we are sure that this threat is over. Welcome to the new norm.

All films already accepted will be shown in the 2021 SARCE Events. We will not be calling for new films in 2021 SARCE.

Photo credit. “Urban Isolation” by Russell Houghten.