All donations will receive a mention in the Event Playbill. Any donations $25+ will get a Slide thanking you during the Pre-Show.

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Details about Donations

A Slide Thanking You

If you donate via GoFundMe or any of the above outside of Patreon: During the pre-show presentation, we will show a slide of your name and picture thanking you for the donation. If you rather show your business name or Family Of, please let us know at The donation must be received two months prior to any event and will show for one event scheduled.

Patreon: To get a slide, the donation must be received two months before any event. Your pre-show slide with your name and picture will continue until you decide to discontinue your support. If you rather show your business name or Family Of, please let us know at

You are able to donate in person, but you will miss the opportunity for a slide. Your slide will be shown two month after and at the next two events. If you rather show your business name or Family Of, please let us know at

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"Keep it going, Keep it moving, Don't stop!"

Shiz Annual Red Carpet-Events (SARCE) is the building of a collective of emerging and seasoned filmmakers who wish to bring a positive and entertaining spin to the world of cinema. We are open to filmmakers of all genres; to include documentaries, animations, comedy, horror, drama, action, and human interest. It takes a lot of time, energy, money, and creativity to create. This event is to bring forth the hard work we put into our films.

SARCE is hosted by Shiz, LLC and Evolve.Forward.Media Productions, LLC. Shiz and Evolve.Forward.Media are a veteran and family owned production company. The organizers of SARCE are U.S. military war veterans. The event will showcase all short films produced in 2017 by Shiz, Evolve.Forward.Media, partners and associates of.

SARCE is devoted to all narrative films of all genres that are committed to diversity, authenticity, and show a conscious and curiosity of the world around us. Starting out as a red carpet event, we are now opening our commitment to community and collaboration to many filmmakers.

With the success of our first event, February 25, 2017, we feel that we can honor your hard work on a large silver screen in beautiful DCP 2K/4K format with 5.1 surround sound in a stadium seating theater in Kyle TX.

SARCE AUS (Kyle TX south of Austin TX) and SARCE LAX (Los Angeles / Hollywood CA) features films no more than 5 years old in a movie theater setting. SARCE Attic AUS (Austin TX) features films that are much older than 5 years.

Along with local filmmakers and film festival organizers, we are building a community. We want to bring everyone together to meet and greet, and enjoy the wonderful talent we have around us. We do, however, accept films from around the world.

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