SARCE Attic AUS 2019 merging into main fest

UPDATE 2019-03-21 about SARCE AUS Attic 2019: We did not have a lot of submissions for SARCE AUS Attic 2019 festival this year, so we are going to include all submissions into our main festivals, SARCE AUS (Austin TX) and SARCE LAX (Los Angeles CA). So this event will not be a separate event, instead […]

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SARCE 2017 (Shiz, Inc. and E.F.M. FIRST Annual Red Carpet Event) LINKS

Below are links to most of the videos, trailers, short films, and social media. PLAYLIST AND CHANNEL VIDEO LINKS (please subscribe and follow) ■ YOUTUBE – Playlist of all movies and trailers. This playlist excludes “Bet You I Die” and “Death and Compromise”. ■ YOUTUBE – Playlist of F O R W A R D […]

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Coming to Los Angeles and postponed for Orlando

The idea of expanding to Los Angeles and Orlando is a great way of getting our name out there. At first, both locations were consider. The more we looked at the budget and the expansion possibilities, we decided to postpone Orlando until 2020. Los Angeles is still full steam ahead. They are essentially two different […]

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