Serenity and Antonio Edward

Both of them

  1. Antonio and Serenity Edward has been married since March 2001.
  2. Got into film-making in 2015.
  3. First SARCE event was on February 25, 2017 at EVO in Kyle, TX.

Serenity Alyanna Edward

  1. U.S. Army Veteran, served in Desert Storm and Desert Shield as a Journalist.
  2. Has written several short stories. Decided in 2015 to turn her short stories into short films.
  3. Serenity is the owner and CEO of Evolve.Forward.Media, a Shiz, Inc. company.

Antonio TwizShiz Edward

  1. U.S. Army Veteran, served in Operation Iraqi Freedom as an Apache AH-64A/D Crew-Chief.
  2. Worked as a Video Editor for ABC News and FOX News, Los Angeles syndicate.
  3. Worked with the Long Beach City Police Department and Fire Department as a Video Editor and Archives Division.
  4. Worked at Disneyland as a parking lot tram announcer.
  5. Antonio is the owner and CEO of Shiz, Inc., a multi-media company and Shiz Media Studios.
  6. Antonio has been doing post-production video and audio since 1985.
  7. First feature length student film was Westside N ‘Ja. ‘Embarrassing,’ he says.

Serenity Alyanna and Antonio TwizShiz Edward are both Army veterans, married since March 2001. Antonio Edward has worked for a news station in the Los Angeles area as a video editor. Serenity Edward has worked as an journalist in the Army and as a civilian in Kentucky. Both Antonio and Serenity have different and similar visions, which is a perfect synergy of creativity and productivity. Serenity is the CEO of Evolve.Forward.Media and Antonio is the CEO of Shiz, Inc.